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*Lady's Long Island Tea *

The Lady's Long Island Tea Event
We will be getting together every couple of months to have a Ladies Tea. We will also be seeking servers and those who just wish to participate. The Teas will be held in different locations and in different styles so that no two teas will be alike. We will be having; informal Teas, formal Teas, back yard Teas, small Teas and Large Teas....
What is a Tea?
A Tea is a forum where you relax, chat and enjoy each others company, have a small lunch or snack and of course Tea all served by lovely Servers of all types. 
We are creating a Tea mailing list. If you are interested in joining us please let me know by . Please specify if you just wish to participate, volunteer to do set up, serve and / or help with the Tea.

 Late Afternoon Tea..
Greetings all,
Our next Tea will have a small attendance.
It will take place at a private home in Nassau.
As stated all teas are a bit different,
At this one we are requesting all Servers to wear black pants and a white shirt.
So if you are interested please drop us a note. 

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