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Join us for our next getaway 
at a beautiful private Bed and Breakfast 
tucked away in the picturesque 
Pocono mountains.  
Private rooms, breakfast, 
a finished basement and 
five private acres to play on.  
If you have a particular weekend in mind, 
contact Meri for more info.


Once again, a wonderful weekend in the Poconos was pulled off by Meri and Sparky. This was the second of their B& B weekends that Ms. Bit and I attended and like the first one, we had an awesome time. I would like to thank the other couples who joined us for making the w/e so enjoyable. I coulden't have asked for a better group. It seemed that a great time was had by all with good conversation, plenty of laughter and just enough pain to satisfy the likes of us < wink >. 

A BIG THANK YOU to Meri and Sparky for organizing and running this week end. Organizing fetish events is your true calling, Bravo for another sucsess. Now I'm looking forward even more so to the LIFE Market on November15th. Thanks again for a great time and for those to come. H&B

I originally didn't want to go figuring there would be no outdoor play; but GLAD a room openned up and Kenny got me to go. We both had a GREAT TIME and we both thank you, Meri and Sparky for arranging it and everyone else for COMING. (and i promise EVERYONE who came that i will NOT chicken out on the next "group" scene).
Baw-baw-baw-bawwkk.. (giggles) hugs to everyone!

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