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Don't miss out on this year's events.
Summer BBQ, Parties, Classes,
just to name a few events.

"All the members of Life in Nassau have been so supportive of efforts to promote Long Island's Fetish Scene. You are all so friendly and welcoming. It is always a pleasure to attend your meetings. The laughing and fun and camaraderie as well as the lack of cliquishness make your group unique. I do not think anybody I have met at your meetings ever say’s they feel like an outcast."

MEMBERSHIP  has its rewards:
A Life in Nassau membership is only $15.00 a year
 A membership card entitles you to: 

 *  a discount at every meeting
 *  your card gets you into Member Only parties.
 *  discounts at clubs
 *  a discount with participating merchants and vendors ( and not just lifestyle related items )
 *  Staycation group discounts
*  discounts off admission to other affiliated groups
and their events


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