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 Long Island Fetish Events in Nassau 

Life in Nassau is a lifestyle group made up of adults from all walks of life who share a common interest in the scene. We are dedicated to creating a positive, safe and nurturing environment in which to enjoy the lifestyle. We strive to provide a place where adults from beginners to more experienced people can learn and share through lectures, demonstrations, presentations and participation.

Some of our many goals are; to help others feel they are not alone as they enter into and/or continue their journey through this lifestyle, to provide a non-judgmental atmosphere in which individuals can pursue their own evolving nature, to freely communicate and socialize with others of similar interests, to explore the meaning of our unique and common experiences and to define oneself and not be defined by others.  We pursue these goals through communication, demos, lectures, munches, parties, socializing, sharing ideas and knowledge and most of all having fun.

Do you like to go out; enjoying various activities and social situations? Does learning, teaching and sharing knowledge of the “lifestyle” appeal to you? If so then you may want to consider joining with us. We offer a “warm, homey, welcoming" atmosphere to all adults with any interest in the lifestyle; from the curious first timer to the extremely seasoned participant. 

Drop by and say hello, we'd love to meet you.

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