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What are we asking for?
each month, set aside 
1 non perishable food item.
Bring it along with you to a
Life Meeting or Munch.

This is a continuous Food Drive which helps community food pantries. 
This is a great cause for our community that can help so many!

Depending on the amount of non perishable food items donated. Items are separated & dropped off at local food pantries on Long Island that suppy to the needy. 

Some examples of things
that are always useful:
Cans with pop tops,
Non perishable food items,
canned goods,
peanut butter, etc.

If you wish to donate other items
with your 11 cans
please feel free to consider:
toiletries, toothpaste, soap,
rice, pasta, boxed milk,
baby items are great too!
even gloves, knit hats and scarves!! 

please no glass items. 

"Your little can donation will make a huge difference to those that need it.  
Together we can show how mighty
we can be when driven for a good cause.  

Like the six degrees of separation,
please spread the word.  

We all have different friends;
make them aware that we all care". 

Life has run food & toy drives on LI
donating food to the needy,
Toys at Holiday time, and sending care packages to the military.

Together Long Island
We CAN do great things!!

Enjoy the music:  

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